Waylon Krush

Waylon Krush is currently a chief technologist (Cyber) for Motorola Solutions.  Before the acquisition by Motorola Solutions – Mr. Krush was Lunarline’s Co-Founder, CEO, and Hacker-in-Chief. Waylon’s not the sit-at-his-desk type. Most days, you won’t even find him in the office at all. He’s happier out in the field helping Lunarline clients fight back against an ever more threatening cyber world. Some of his notable recent projects include redesigning a major federal security operations center to combat advanced persistent threats (he even pulled few night shifts), developing systems for RF/Signal/System monitoring, and creating cyber intelligence platforms for various organizations around the world. Waylon has also played an active role in the development of cybersecurity regulatory frameworks, including National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publications (SP) 800-53A. He has worked with DOT, DHS, NIST and the Federal CIO Council on the Federal Enterprise Architecture Security and Privacy Profile (FEA-SPP) version 3.0 and an automated tool for supporting the FEA SPP. Prior to becoming Lunarline’s fearless leader, Waylon was a senior information security engineer in AT&T’s Advanced Systems Division and chief of the information assurance group for GRC-TSC. A veteran of the US Army, Mr. Krush held various intel- and security-related technical and leadership roles, including serving as the lead technical member of the Land and Information Warfare Activity Information Systems Security Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment Blue Team, and Red Team. For his contributions to National Security, he was named a Knowlton Award Winner, one of the Intelligence Community’s highest honors. He was also recognized as the 718th Military Intelligence Soldier of the Year, the NSA Professional of the Quarter, received the Voice of America Award and is a two-time winner of the American Legion Award. Waylon’s service to our country inspired him to create Lunarline’s Warrior to Cyber Warrior (W2CW) Foundation. The program helps our nation’s returning servicemen and wounded warriors bridge the gap between military service and a career.


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