Paul Morgan


Paul Morgan is a cybersecurity professional in the utilities industry and an evangelist for cybersecurity continuing education. Paul’s personal education path includes The CompTIA trifecta, ITIL, ECIH, CCSP, and CISSP certifications and a Bachelors in Cybersecurity. He will graduate with a Masters in Cybersecurity in 2022. Paul began his career in the U.S. Army working on the IT help desk. After 8 years of service Paul transitioned to private industry and to a focus on cybersecurity engineering. He currently works in critical infrastructure as an internal cybersecurity consultant for Pacific Gas & Electric. Paul creates career tools for cybersecurity and IT professionals, most notably the Security Certification Roadmap ( Paul’s long-term goal is to increase innovation and stability in cybersecurity by reducing the barriers to entry and raising the education ceiling for cybersecurity professionals. In the short term, Paul creates data visualizations aimed at consolidating education options and works with certifying agency leadership to address gaps in those options.

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