Dorota Kozlowska

Skilled Penetration Tester, One-Woman-Army, doer, and a self-starter with a growth mindset – was recognized as one of the 40 under 40 professionals in the Cybersecurity space worth watching in the year 2023 by the Cyber News Magazine. Previously experienced as an Government Official, then QA, Test Automation and Project Management with personal passion for CTFs, and Red Teaming and degrees in: Economics, Management and Marketing, and Computer science. Dorota has made few career switches from Project Management as an local government official into QA, Test Engineering, and Security Analyst. Her experience, and the “never give up” persistent attitude allowed Dorota to successfully pivot into Cybersecurity, and more precisely Penetration Testing – her dream job. Her life experiences made her relentlessly dedicate herself to helping others, motivating people entering the field, and knowledge sharing. As a Penetration Tester at Accenture she helps businesses test their security posture, see their vulnerabilities from an attacker’s perspective. She is continuously building her knowledge base and displays lots of grit, adaptability, fast learning capabilities, and personal strength. She seems to be unstoppable.


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