Bob Carver

Bob Carver CISM, CISSP, M.S. began his security career working in the financial industry.

Later Bob was the first full-time security employee hired to start the  dedicated security monitoring and incident response team for Verizon Wireless.  This included the infrastructure and the wireless customer network for over 130 million customers.

Bob has been involved in cyber risk management, policy, threat intelligence and analytics.  He has been a speaker, moderator and expert panel participant discussing many cybersecurity topics including Cybersecurity Risks, The Internet of Things and Insider Threats at conferences across North America, Europe and the UK.

Bob has given a keynote presentation twice at the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in Washington, D.C. to bank governors (US Federal Reserve equivalents) from around the world.

Most recently, he was on expert panel for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas discussing “Focusing on Security in Product Innovation.”